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Why is it important that children go to the dentist? When should they first go? Children should first visit the dentist by a year old. This first visit is very important as it allows the dental professional to check the health of a child’s mouth and discuss hygiene needs moving forward. Tips... Read More
Many parents believe that the primary (baby) teeth are not as important as the adult teeth because they are “just going to fall out anyway.” However, these teeth play a vital role in a child’s health and development, and childcare professionals should be advocates for their care. Here’s why:... Read More
Why might some parents not take their child to the dentist? Not having dental insurance or money to pay for the visit Not having time off work to take the child to the dentist Not being able to find a dentist who will see children Not being able to find a dentist who accepts their... Read More
What should children eat to promote oral health? There are many food and drink options that promote oral health. Good options include items that don’t have added sugar and do have the nutrients to help children have strong, healthy bodies and teeth. Here are some recommended food and drink... Read More
Why is it important to wean from the pacifier? Sucking is a natural action for babies and provides contentment. Babies and children will often choose to suck their thumb if no pacifier is provided. Weaning from a pacifier is often easier than weaning a child from sucking their thumb, making most... Read More